I have recently, just this month (May 2021), reached the pinnacle of my educational journey, earning my PhD. I am officially Dr. Steven G Carley. I have not had many publications over the last few years (in fact, any) because I have been working diligently on my dissertation that took me over three years to complete. I am making my dissertation public and free on this website for anyone, who wishes to view my work. It is currently being indexed on ProQuest. I hope you enjoy my dissertation, it is entitled "State Mindfulness as Mediator of the Predictive Relationships Between Self-objectification, Body Surveillance, and Body Shame." Just click on the link below "VIEW MY DISSERTATION." 



I have just republished my first book Foundation of Psychology as a Scientific Discipline (06/01/2021). It is the fifth edition. I wanted to get this one out of my hands. I gave it a doctor's touch. I am currently working on the e-book. It is available on Amazon.

Foundation of Psychology as a Scientific Discipline $24.88

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